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Booking Information:  Kelly Brandon 

(941) 764-0247

Hello People

Dan Mlynek, Renee Filliez, Mike Davey,

Kelly Brandon and Fred Brandon

Country Express

Original Music:

Thank You For The Memories

Writer: Mike Davey

Music At Gilchrist Park Tuesday Night

Issue Regarding Ordinance Resolved

Amplified Music Will Continue on TUESDAY night

and non-amplified music will continue on Thursday night.

This gives you two opportunities a week

to enjoy the beauty of our community

and some music too.

Fred will participate on Tuesday nights.

Cover of:

Mama's Broken Heart

Writer: Miranda Lambert

Mike's dancing is pretty good too!

 Christmas is Coming .....

 With the holidays approaching

 we'd like you to consider

 remembering our military personnel

 by donating to the

 Military Biblestick Program.

 The Country Express Band Supports

 the Military Biblestick program.

 We'll be accepting donations to send to this worthy cause

 OR you can mail your donation to:

 First Baptist Church of Charlotte Harbor

 4506 Church Street, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980-3229 

 Testimonies from Chaplains

 “The format is perfect. Soldiers can listen while they are waiting for

 meetings or missions to start. What a booster shot for morale and

 spiritual edification.”  --Army Chaplain, Iraq

 “Many of us have been in Iraq for a while, and the doldrums lifestyle

 leaves you worn out and empty. It has never been easier to get into

 God’s Word.” --Chaplain’s Assistant, Iraq

 “God’s Word brings my soldiers comfort, security and peace.

 Thank you for the Military BibleSticks.” --Army Chaplain, U.S.

Learn more by visiting: