Friends of the Country Express Band

Britz Country: (click the following link)

Charlotte Country Music Club: (click the following link)

Booking Information: 

Kelly Brandon 

(941) 764-0247

or (770) 500-0965

Hello People

Dan Mlynek, Renee Filliez, Mike Davey,

Kelly Brandon and Fred Brandon

Country Express

Original Music:

Thank You For The Memories

Writer: Mike Davey

Music At Gilchrist Park

Tuesday Night

Amplified Music will be

on TUESDAY night

and non-amplified music

will continue on Thursday night.

This gives you two opportunities

a week to enjoy the beauty

of our community

and some music too.

Fred will participate

on Tuesday nights.

Cover of:

Mama's Broken Heart

Writer: Miranda Lambert

Mike's dancing is pretty good too!

Ramblers Rest RV Resort

1300 North River Road, Venice

Country Dance with Country Express

Saturday, March 28 --- 7 pm - 11 pm

You don't have to be staying at the resort to attend but if you're interested in camping at their resort you can call

(941) 493-4354 OR (877) 570-2267

or book online at: